Jake and amir dating service

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[AMA] I'm a human who's seen every Jake and Amir episode not once, not 12, but a dozen times, and lemme tell ya, 600 episodes is not enough to satisfy me.

I'm actually kinda secretly depressed about that shit..

v=7115354964)| |2008|Jan|10|High School Friend|[J&A]( |2008|Jan|15|Drugs. No They're Not.|[J&A]( |2008|Jan|18|Lunch Meeting|[J&A]( |2008|Jan|22|Office Fantasy (with Julia Allison)|[J&A]( |2008|Jan|24|Amir's Birthday|[J&A]( [(proof of existence)]( |2008|Jan|28|Going Home|[J&A]( |2008|Jan|30|Dinner Date|[J&A]( v=10915489964)| |2008|Apr|08|Nerd|[J&A]( |2008|Apr|10|Online Joke|[vimeo]( |2008|Apr|11|Ace and Jocelyn - Episode THREE!


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