Updating pet microchip details

If your pet is lost or injured the chances of it being found and scanned for a microchip are extremely high.However, if your details are not up to date there will be no way for you to know someone has your pet.As Authorised Implanters and Vet Clinics, after obtaining your new authorised log-in access, you will be able to enter subscriptions on-line, print Identification Certificates for subscriptions as soon as they have been entered, view all details for animals you have previously microchipped and entered on the database as well as view information regarding animals for which you have previously helped reunite with their owners.By using our new on-line services, you will avoid any unnecessary delays that are sometimes involved in telephone enquiries.As Pet Owners, after obtaining your new authorised log-in access, you will be able to take advantage of our new streamlined on-line service to view and update your owner and pet details as needed.Simply follow the instructions below to get started.Pet Chip Registry is designed to give busy veterinarians, animal shelters and rescue groups, easy access to registered owners of lost pets.

When the microchip number is entered, the name of the owner, with a photo of the pet, as well as four different forms of contact for the current registered owner, will instantly display on the screen.

From 10PM on the 21st of April, 2017 all data and pet records previously located in the National Pet Register (NPR) database will be managed by Central Animal Records (CAR).

This is the culmination of a large amount of great work by both NPR and CAR staff members.

Through the use of pet identification Micro Chips we enable the quick reunification of missing pets with their owners.

Designing, manufacturing & supplying pet Micro Chips and managing the UK PETtrac Database gives us expertise and passion in what we do...reuniting missing pets with their owners.


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