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Plunkett was indicted Thursday on 12 felony charges, The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported ( ).Arevalo, also indicted, and the other accused man, Rogelio Estrada, face charges alongside Plunkett.A lot of it will depend on who/what caused the collision.Time and again, our Chicago tractor-trailer accident lawyers have seen the devastating injuries that can come about from this type of crash and the impact it has on surviving loved ones.It is the prosecutor's job to prove a defendant is guilty, not a defendant's job to prove that he or she is innocent. Beyond a Reasonable Doubt The prosecutor must demonstrate to the judge or jury that there is no reasonable doubt of your guilt.If any reasonable doubt can be shown, any at all, then the prosecutor has failed and you should be found innocent.Every case is different, but here are a few of the most common defenses to a criminal charge In order to convict you of a criminal charge, the prosecutor must prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Learn More » A contingency fee, or contingent fee, is a payment scheme in which an attorney's compensation is dependent on the outcome of a case.Present your case in minutes using Legal Match and licensed lawyers in your local area will review it.When a lawyer is interested in taking your case, we provide you a full attorney profile that includes their background information, fees, and ratings by other Legal Match users so you can decide if they're the right lawyer for you.Because this standard is so high, most defendants concentrate on raising some reasonable doubt to the prosecutor's allegations.I Have an Alibi One of the primary ways defendants prove that they didn't do it is to demonstrate that they couldn't have done it.Police are trying to determine exactly what happened.


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