Bradley cooper and zoe saldana started dating

She was smiling ear to ear during the whole occasion,' it was added.

She and Bradley started dating in 2015 and are said to be really enjoying this time together.

Since meeting, they’ve put their love on display while jetting around the world together.

The father doesn’t work because of his bipolar disorder, so the mother decides to accept a scholarship to graduate school in New York City so she can make more money for the family.The kids are left with their dad, who gives them lots of love but doesn’t always make the best parenting decisions.Writer and director Maya Forbes based the story on her own childhood.The source added that the party was decorated around the theme of the gender of the baby, which the couple knows but has not released to the media.Her baby gifts were 'adorable,' according to the source.'There were many designer outfits and toys, all with an expensive price point.The footballer has pledged to keep in touch with the family after his move to Bournemouth.


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