Is common and serena still dating 2016

Serena's first outfit consisted of a dark gray tank top with a white collar, dark gray stockings, long honey blond hair that reaches just above her waist, medium skin tone, red double waist side buttons pleated skirt, black hi-tops with pink semi-Poké Ball printing on the sides similar in design to Hilda's, and a dark pink hat paired with a black hatband and ribbon bow.

Serena marks a return to basing Ash's female companion off of that generation's female player character in the video games.

She and Ash met before the events of the series when Ash aided her in her time of need.

She developed a strong crush on him from that day on and it became one of her most notable characteristics, evident through her blushing whenever she looks at, talks to or is amazed by him.

However, Serena is also the first to have undergone minor cosmetic changes for the transition to the anime, whereas May and Dawn remained the same.

Among the cosmetic changes are; Starting from A Showcase Debut!

Update, 9/14: It's been a month since the Jelena Instagram blowout—and Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are reportedly not talking.

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1: Venus for a total of 11 weeks, beginning in February 2002; Serena for a total of 316 weeks, beginning in July 2002. Their next match was almost a year later in the final of the 1999 Lipton International Players Championships in Key Biscayne, Florida.The Williams family was accused of match-fixing, but the accusation was dismissed by most, including Andre Agassi who called it "ridiculous".The only match between the Williams sisters during 2001 occurred in the final of the US Open, where they had never met but where both had previously won singles titles.All the while remaining adamant that his single status is just that. When asked if he thought Hall had a special guy in her life, he added, "I don't know. If you thought Common and Regina Hall were dating, you weren't alone. "We never were in that space—you know, that's just like somebody I care about as a friend.


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