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Each knife corresponds with one of the lunch courses and the chefs draw to see which fish dish they will recreate for the Elimination Challenge.

As winner of the Quickfire, Stefan gets to pick his course and chooses lobster, one of the simplest items of the day.

However, it’s hard to argue that—based on a final meal in which she made the mistake of listening to sous chef Casey and wasn’t even able to send out a complete dessert—Carla could be judged winner of the final.

And if there was no editing sleight of hand, it seems clear most if not all the judges believed Hosea’s meal was superior to Stefan’s (even Fabio, Stefan’s Euro-bro, had to agree).

Hosea and Stefan even blow kisses at each other before they start. Um, it might take me a little while to order unagi at the sushi bar again. Just another reason Europe is great.”Afterward, Chef Ripert invites all the chefs and judges to his restaurant for lunch. The chitchat is pleasant and everyone makes yummy yummy noises.

Who says Jamie is the last member of Team Rainbow left? Being from Colorado, Hosea doesn’t know eel from Adam so it ain’t pretty as he starts to peel its skin. I hope the contestants remember that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. We learn that Carla wanted to be a theater major while growing up and I grow to love her even more.

Stefan, on the other hand, dominated challenges from the beginning to (nearly) the end, while Carla, seemingly cannon fodder at the show’s outlet, revealed herself to be not just likeable, but a chef who combined French training with a home cook’s warmth.

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There’s no way that their dishes are going to be crap I love that woman. But at the last Judge’s Table, he said, straight up, I’m 36 — if I win, I win. This is the kind of guy who joins an extremist political movement that targets foreigners and members of middleman minorities — how dare Stefan come to and actually know how to prepare eel. I disliked Stefan at first, but his skills were undeniable.

For all her quirks, Padma was a step up from the affectless Katie Lee.

But it would be some seasons before we learned to truly appreciate Padma for who she is.

The question, then, is whether Top Chef is a job interview or a game.

As a TV show, it has to be the latter—a game that tries to reward the best chefs, but a game with the possibility of upsets nonetheless.


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